Harry F. Stiles Memorial Scholarship

The Harry F. Stiles Memorial Scholarship is named in honor of Harry F. Stiles, an individual who loved the out-of-doors. Mr. Stiles was an expert photographer and in his retirement devoted his time to the study of nature in Michigan. As Grand Rapids Audubon Club (GRAC) Board President from 1954 to 1955, he established the scholarship with enrollment to the National Audubon Camps in mind.

GRAC continues to award a scholarship in keeping with the ideals advocated by Mr. Stiles. The scholarship is awarded to promote and support nature-related educational opportunities. The scholarship is awarded for up to $200.00 for an award period. There are two award periods in a fiscal year: July 1 through December 31 and January 1 through June 30. If a $200.00 scholarship is not awarded for the July1 through December 31 period, up to a $400.00 scholarship can be awarded for the January 1 through June 30 period.

The scholarship is to be used for enrollment in environmental, biology, or science/nature programs, workshops, or courses. Individuals of all ages are encouraged to apply. When more than one adult is being considered for a scholarship, first priority is given to GRAC members. Priority for young applicants (i.e., those under age 18) is given first to GRAC Junior Audubon members, second to the children or grandchildren of GRAC members, and third to children who are not in those categories.

Scholarship recipients are expected to provide a summary of their nature program, workshop, or course experience in a 15-minute talk at a general membership meeting, article for the Caller newsletter, or other sharing of the experience that is determined appropriate by the Scholarship Committee Chairperson.

To apply for a scholarship, an applicant must complete an application form and submit it via U.S. Postal Service or E-mail (or other appropriate electronic means) to the Scholarship Committee Chairperson. The application form can be submitted at any time. Normally, an award will be made at the end of each award period. The Scholarship Committee Chairperson will make a recommendation to the GRAC Board of Directors as to the scholarship selectee. The Board will act upon the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, and a scholarship applicant will be notified in writing by U.S. Postal Service or E-mail (or other appropriate electronic means) of an award (or denial) decision of the GRAC Board after the applicable January or August Board meeting (or at the next available opportunity if there is no January or August Board meeting).

Under extenuating circumstances (which would be determined on a case-by-case basis by the GRAC Board upon recommendation of the Scholarship Committee Chairperson), a selection for an award period can be made prior to the end of the award period. Any scholarship funds that are available after March 15 of each fiscal year may be donated directly to the Blandford Nature Center (BNC) to be used to assist children in attending BNC summer camps or programs in a manner determined by the BNC.

For more information about the Harry F. Stiles Memorial Scholarship contact the GRAC Scholarship Committee Chairperson Katie Bolt at telephone number 616-453-3822 or by
E-mail at ksbphd51@gmail.com.




2014 Addition

In 2014 the Harry F. Stiles Memorial Scholarship program added a second award period. This change gave individuals an opportunity to attend nature related programs throughout the entire year for workshops, or courses, that might not otherwise be available.