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Annual May Membership Meeting

We will close out the 2022/2023 season with our GRAC Annual May Meeting at Mary Jane Dockeray Visitor Center, Blandford Nature Center, 1715 Hillburn Ave. NW, Grand Rapids.  Bill Sweetman and Larry Burke will present a special presentation focused on the habitats and birds of Costa Rica. Additional information can be found on the May Meeting page.

Blandford Nature Center's Spring Migration Bird Bonanza

On May 27th Blandford Nature Center will celebrate all things birds! Participants at the event will have the opportunity to go on guided birding hikes or an accessible birding tour with local birding experts. Participants can meet and learn about a few of Blandford’s wildlife ambassador birds, and learn about Wildlife Photography from award-winning photographer, Steve Jessmore. Click here for details and a schedule of events.

Field Trips and Weekly Millennium Park Walks

Upcoming Field Trips: Tuesday Evening at Reeds Lake, 6:00 PM, Tuesday, May 9; Tuesday Evening at Roselle Park, 6:00 PM, Tuesday, May 16.
Hike Millennium Park to see what’s hanging around. Many birds have been reported from this varied habitat near the river. There are ponds, swampy ponds, lowland forest and various secondary growth. The walks begin at 8:00 AM every Thursday.
Details for both on the field trip page.

Exciting GRAC Membership News

Using the e-payment service Cheddar Up it is now possible to pay membership dues online. In addition to our current payment method this gives you a second option. You can find more information on the membership page.

GRAC Library News

An updated list of books is now available from the GRAC Library page. Questions? Use our new forwarder: librarian@graud.org.

The 2023 Birdathon is here! The birdathon is a competitive birdwatching event and fundraiser. It is intended to be fun for everyone and friendly to beginners. Funds raised are used to provide environmental education for children, young people and adults in West Michigan. Want to learn more? Click on the Birdathon logo left.

Become a Citizen Scientist

Take part in National Audubon’s Climate Watch Survey. Save the dates for the Spring survey period taking place between May 15 – June 15, and help us count bluebirds, nuthatches, goldfinches or towhees. Click here to learn how the work of Climate Watch volunteers is helping to reveal how birds are responding to climate change. You can find out more about the program by contacting Becky Kuhn at bexrecky@gmail.com or phone (please leave a voicemail) or text 616-437-9205.

GRAC Merchandise Available Online

Did you know that you can purchase GRAC-logo apparel and merchandise online from the Grand Rapids Audubon Webstore on the CafePress website? What a great and easy way to start a conversation, advertise and support our club and possibly pick up new members! How about a t-shirt or sweatshirt for those field trips, GRAC meetings or just lounging around. A mug for that coffee break or a gift for your neighbor. Or a great tote bag for your birding paraphernalia along with a baseball cap. There’s even kids’ and baby apparel! All of these items and much more with the GRAC logo are available at the GRAC Webstore. Access the Webstore from the “Activities” drop down menu on the GRAC website home page, scroll down and click on “GRAC Webstore (external)” at the bottom of the drop down menu. Browse through the offerings and purchase what catches your fancy!

Video Programs Discuss Bird Identification

Learning to identify birds and recognize their usual behaviors is becoming easier. Now you can watch the American Birding Association's "What's This Bird" bi-weekly live shows at 1:00 PM ET on Fridays. The live shows, including all previous shows, are available on all the ABA's social media channels including the ABA YouTube channel.

National Audubon also offered "I Saw A Bird" monthly programs in 2020 and 2021. Archived programs of all 21 previous episodes are available by clicking here.

GRAC Media Pages Include Photographs and Videos

Between the bird photo, nature photo and Macaulay Library page we have well over 400 photographs available on the website. Don't forget to check the video page.



GRAC and Bird News

The April 2023 Caller is now available from the newsletter link above.

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Maher Sanctuary Report

Click here for Chris Baer's latest sanctuary report.

The State of the Birds 2022 report sounds an alarm about steep population losses in virtually all habitats. A link to the report can be found by clicking here.

Pecking Order

Ever notice that some birds at your feeders seem aggressive and others rather timid? It's true--there is bird-feeder drama. Click here for an interesting article, including an interactive graphic, discussing bird behavior at your feeder.

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Great "Birding" reads:

Slow Birding by Joan E. Strassmann. Many birders travel far and wide to popular birding destinations to catch sight of rare or "exotic" birds. Slow Birding introduces readers to the joys of birding right where they are.

A River of Warblers: The Greatest Birding Day of My Life by James Gorman

Bird ID Skills: Size & Shape from All About Birds; The Cornell Labs

A Season on the Wind: Inside the World of Spring Migration by Ken Kaufman

Kingbird Highway: The Biggest Year in the Life of an Extreme Birder by Ken Kaufman

Endangered and Disappearing Birds of the Midwest by Matt Williams

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Nearby Areas of Interest:

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